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3EF Blog

We are genuinely passionate abut all mobile technology - If we find anything particularly interesting, we'll share it here...

defence solicitors

From phone and tablet examinations to critical reviews of prosecution findings, we have you covered

forensic companies

We specialise in obtaining data from the most difficult handsets - From data dumps to full analysis and S9 / MG11

Law enforcement

From simple data dumps from difficult handsets to triage to full extraction, analysis and MG11 - Whatever you need, we're here to help

mobile device forensics presents so many unique challenges, yet yields so much crucial data when performed correctly

OUR CONSULTANTS go the extra mile to ensure you win more cases

WE are the uk's only mobile device forensics specialists

Mobile Phone Forensics is fraught with problems unseen by any other Digital Forensics discipline

* Tens of thousands of handset manufacturers and models

* Countless OS versions 

* Physical damage, water damage, encryption, PIN/password locks

Our laboratory is full of the best hardware and software available in the world today, along with tools and techniques that are at the cutting edge of mobile phone forensics.

Whether you're Law Enforcement, Defence, Civil, Corporate or Private, we can help.

Data recovery

We offer a range of services to the public, including data recovery and investigations

private investigators

Mobile phones often contain data that is unavailable anywhere else. We can access that data for you, opening up your investigation